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Stage One Invid Pilot     The stage one invid pilot is the most primitive, alien, and slug-like appearance. It's a small creature with a thick, round, trunk, from which a pair of stubby arms and legs protrude. The limbs appear to resemble the chunky flippers of a walrus rather than human appendages and provide minimal movement. The hands are only partially articulated and walking is impossible.

     The stage one pilot is one with it's mecha, giving it high maneuverability and all of it's limited attention. The stage one invid is incapable of independent thought and is the drone of the hive. The ugly little creature spends it's entire life in it's mecha and will die in a matter of minutes if it is ever plucked from the nutrient fluid, that is the life support system of the mecha.

Pilots: Invid Scout and Armored Scout
Attributes: (Subhuman); (not capable of independent thought)
IQ: 1D4+2
MA: 1D4+2 Hit Points - 2D6+2
ME: 2D6+1 SDC - none
PS: 1D4+2  Height - 2 feet + 2D6 inches
PP: 1D4+2 Weight - 60 + 4D6 lbs.
PE: 2D6+1 Sex - Unknown
PB: 1D4+2
Spd: 1D4+2 

Attacks per melee (outside of mecha): none. Note: can not live or function outside of invid mecha. dies within 1D6 melees. 

Skills: Pilot Invid Mecha (Scout and Armored Scout only!) -- 98%, Prowl -- 45%, Detect Ambush -- 40%, Mecha Combat (Scout and Armored Scout only!), Detect Concealment -- 30%, Tracking -- 30%, Weapon Systems (Scout and Armored Scout only!) -- 98%, Read Sensory (type I only!) -- 98%. All other skills except pilot start off at level one proficiency. The stage one pilot has a 98% on it's pilot skill because it live in it's mecha. All other skills are telepathically transmitted by an Invid Brain or the queen. 

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